Ravinan is my first name; Song is my nickname. Song Ravinan is my stage name. I am a choreographer, director, dancer, educator, and performance-maker.

I was born and raised in Thailand and moved to New York City in 2015. Since then, I have produced works such as choreographing and film directing. In 2017, I became an associate artistic director and rehearsal director for Head & Co.

My choreographic process focuses on the idea of collaboration, exploration, and investigation. My work is my autobiography and reflects my current state of life.

I make art to feel vulnerable and to heal myself and others. My work includes humor, curiosity, provocation, sensuality, and heritage. I create art not to be forgotten, to be remembered, to be talked about. Through my work, I embrace the unknown; the beauty lies within the present, not the future. The ability to fully immerse oneself in the moment without worrying about the outcome is what I strive for as an artist.